AdAbility Marketing Communications

The degrees, advanced training, and letters after a name are great, but the real test is how that knowledge is applied. Before they joined AdAbility, our team members owned their own companies, led government and economic development agencies, sold media, worked at printers and developed real world experience that translates to understanding businesses. Put our real world know how to work for you.

Anne J. Aufiero


  • Anne is one of those rare people who actually ended up doing what they said they wanted to be when they grew up. A polished marketing professional, she possesses an inquiring mind, the willingness to listen to the answers and analytical insight that brings it all together to deliver measurable results and a competitive edge for clients. Anne understands the challenges of building a business and embraces that challenge. While she has been recognized by industry associations and her peers, Anne knows that the true measure of one’s creative talents is the satisfaction of the client.

Kristy M. Deitz


  • A gifted graphic designer, Kristy’s career start with a printer built a foundation that guarantees exceptional production skills and an in-depth understanding of print possibilities. She may have printer’s ink in her blood, but she still knows how to translate her Technicolor talents to the web. Kristy understands from her decades of experience that the devil is in the details when it comes to delivering effective marketing communications. She stands as the guardian of client’s brand identity, always maintaining the integrity and message. She generously shares her knowledge with emerging artists by serving as an advisor to local design schools.

Tara R. Porter

  • Tara is our energetic, ever-cheerful administrator who keeps all the creative types organized. She makes sure that everything hums along, all while she’s humming. An avid fitness enthusiast, she channels her dedication to pushing to the next level by constantly refining and improving agency processes. From proofreading to production schedules and paying bills, her operational experience is the glue that binds the agency together.